Triplaxis partners UNDO School of 3D Animation. Yes, today we officially announce our partnership with UNDO School of 3D Animation. From this we are able to offer to the students of UNDO School of 3D Animation a discounted rate for our 3D printing services. This event, we believe, is to enable students and 3D enthusiasts alike to be able to realise their creation from a 3D computer software into something that  you can hold with your own hands. The perfect bridge from creativity to reality.

UNDO School of 3D Animation house some of the country’s talented artists as mentors. It is a great place to be whether  you are a beginner or a professional. They nurture the skills need for students to excel producing more talented artists. Taken from their website :

“UNDO is a training school that caters to both new comers to this industry and to professional artist who seeks to further enhance their skills. We aim to inspire and open the opportunity to those who dreams of making a break in this industry.

At UNDO, we also provide a networking hub for all local talents to share and tell their experience, connecting the students and professional artists to further grow this industry in our country.”


For more information about their classes and services, you can contact them at

UNDO students can contact us now to get your discounted rates HERE.

For 3D colleges, schools or event production houses looking to work with us, kindly EMAIL US.