So whats been happening in February. Well no we didn’t vanish or go on a long vacation. We’ve been working hard to improve our services and to provide you guys better.


Triplaxis 3D Printing FacebookIn our course of ¬†improving and upgrading, we’ve pass the 200 “Likes” mark in Facebook. For that, we’d like to thank you guys for supporting what we do. Without any of you, we couldn’t do what we do right now. So a million thanks for the support and we hope we can continue to serve you guys better and a million more thanks for future supports.


If you guys have been following us on Facebook, you’d notice that we’ve been making custom attachments for Nerf Blasters. Its an on-going project and the amount of support you guys poured in is tremendous. Its great to know that we can serve the Nerf community here locally. “No more imports and expensive shipment fees” as one of the Nerf-ers said to us. We haven’t made these product available here yet but we will in the near future. So for now, you can browse through our Facebook album and have a look.

What else have been going on in the studio? Well 2 artists came up to us to get one of their characters prototype-d so we took in their file and started work on it immediately. There were some complications at 1st and some technical issues. But we manage to battle through it and deliver to them this prototype. We’d like to wish them all the best in their project and of course feel free to contact us again anytime for future prototyping.

Its a great feeling to see the smiles on their face when they get to experience their work physically.

You can too with our 3D printing services. Just send in your files and enquire :



And finally, we’ve been gathering and compiling some materials and visuals that would educate about 3D printing. We’ve already established a Facebook album that explain some do’s and don’ts of 3D printing. We will be bringing all that in here to the website for easier reference. This will help us help you understand better and speed the whole process from design to prototype.