Pommel Parts Great things come with 3D printing. On some occasions, great gifts or great toys. This here is a miniature pommel horse a loving mother ordered for his son ( who loves the pommel horse event in gymnastics). She even asked to put his name on it. Hence, the endless possibilities we are empowered by 3D printing, we made a customized pommel horse with her dear son’s name on it.

What we decided to do was to print this baby in parts. The process to make this particular kind of print is joyful and fun because we were impatiently waiting for the print to be done to see if we can put it together. After a couple hours of print, spray painting and post process clean up, it is completed.
Its an amazing feeling to piece them together. Indeed, we felt like kids again. Just like piece LEGO pieces together. The end result is remarkable.



This is a picture we took before sending it over to the lovely lady who ordered this from us. pommel_001Its a good thing she loved it and we bet her son will too.

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